about me

How does it feel to have 10 heads? Would our impressions of life be any different than they already are? It may amuse you to know that I am in a unique position to answer that! Yes, 10 heads is possible and yes it alters your perception of the world. Often enough, I have tried to climb into people’s heads. It’s then that you realise that the most common face you look through across the street has something most uncommon about it. And boy, is there a better joy than your brush transferring those moments across the canvas? To me, that’s life in its purest form.


When I graduated out of JJ School of Arts as a bright eyed lad, with 4 gold medals to take on the world, little did I know that the world is a much much wider canvas than advertising. One learns everywhere. And like they say, there are no good experiences and bad experiences; there are just experiences. When you realise that, you are at peace with yourself. Expression then is natural, uncluttered almost divine. The most natural form of expression then came to be brush on walls. Unadulterated joy has no guidelines; no limits; except those imposed by mansion owners who insist on leaving their walls intact when they change dwellings. And thus with trepidation and reluctance, my brush graduated onto canvas.


Like every other person who has held a brush, I seek to express a world beyond the confines of the physical canvas. What you see here is not defined by right and wrong. On my canvas, pain and pleasure are not opposite ends of the spectrum. They coexist. In fact, one doesn’t exist without the other. I hope you see that and celebrate it. Like I do.


Your brickbats, bouquets and enquiries will be met with enthusiasm at sanjay@sanjaythapar.com


-sanjay thapar-